Growing up in southern MN and hunting highly pressured lakes, our days of hunting out of makeshift scissors blinds has evolved into not only more functional blinds, but more comfortable as each blind is custom built to the boat and passengers needs.  We hunt dogs and know what it takes to fit them into the setup as well.  

No couplers or set screws are used on the semi permanent frames.  I build these to last a lifetime so each joint is welded.  Welding galvanized conduit is dangerous and is not recommended to weld.  Proper safety precautions are made when I weld these together.  With over 15 years experience welding various metals in all kinds of situations its safe to say all welding done on the blinds are professional and are as strong as the base material.  I use 2" piano hinges for the front and rear flaps not only for longtime strength but to offset panels so they fold flat to each other. Capable to making permanent blinds out of aluminum if desired for additional cost

Upholstery: I have used 900D Cordura but have moved to 500D w/pvc backing on the semi permanent blinds.  All edges are hemmed and sewn.  Each blind yields over 500 grommets and zip ties.

Base Custom Frame: starting at $75/foot of boat

Custom Upholstery: $50/foot of boat

Base Custom Frame takes approx 7 days to design and fabricate. Because these are custom to fit your specific boat, the boat must be here during the build.

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